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Member Spotlight

Tessa and her box jumps!

Tessa started with us late November and in one of her first workouts, box jumps were on the board. Many people find box jumps intimidating and that was the case for Tessa. We started with a 20 inch box, but there was too much overthinking it so we moved down to a couple plates in order to keep up the prescribed intensity for the workout. Every time we have box jumps Tessa steps a little outside of her comfort zone and gets a little higher. During our goal setting meeting Tessa and I formulated a plan for her to conquer that 20 inch box for reps! In one of our workouts this week we had a "few" box jumps in the workout. Tessa rocked through all 110 box jumps onto a 12 inch box. Making progress from plates, to a 12 in box and soon we will be jumping on that 20 inch box for reps! Tessa, I am proud of you and your willingness to be a little uncomfortable. Change comes when we step outside your comfort zone. You got this!

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