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Member Spotlight - Liz

Liz first came to LCBC as part of a 30 day challenge over the summer and hasn't left. Liz is a mother, a middle school teacher and a former competitive D1 gymnast. The gym has always been part of her life, from gymnastics to Crossfit. After sometime away, she decided to give LCBC a try. Coming back to the gym is exactly what Liz needed not only for her physical health but also for her mental health, hello middle schoolers.

Liz is always welcoming to new members and she sticks around till the last member is done with their workout. She is consistently pushing herself and others in every workout.

Liz and Coach Beth worked together to create the teacher boot camp series at a local middle school this past fall. She is a firm believer in exercise as medicine for mental health and well being. Liz has made the gym a priority during school breaks and you'll always find her at our 6:30 pm class through the week. It has been awesome to see Liz get back under the barbell and push the weights! This lady's upper body strength!!! Oh and Liz was also the winner of our Ugly Christmas Sweater contest.

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